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Steedos Tender Management System

The Steedos Tender Management System, developed on the Steedos low-code platform, is a highly customizable solution designed to streamline the tendering process for businesses and government agencies. It aims to simplify the tendering workflow, enhance efficiency and transparency, and ensure fairness and compliance in tendering activities.

Key Features

1. Tender Project Management

  • Easily create and manage tender projects.
  • Customize tendering processes and rules.
  • Track project progress and status updates.

2. Tender Announcement Publication

  • Design and publish tender announcements.
  • Utilize various announcement templates for quick document generation.
  • Set announcement release dates and bidding deadlines.

3. Bid Document Management

  • Securely store and manage all bid documents.
  • Support for uploading and downloading various file formats.
  • Offer version control and audit tracking for documents.

4. Supplier Management

  • Register and manage supplier information.
  • Automatically verify supplier qualifications and past performance.
  • Allow suppliers to self-register and update their details.

5. Bid Evaluation & Decision Support

  • Set evaluation criteria and scoring systems.
  • Support online bid evaluations and record evaluation meetings.
  • Provide statistical analysis of bid results.

6. Contract Award & Management

  • Automatically generate award notices and contract documents.
  • Publish award results online.
  • Manage changes and extensions during contract execution.

7. System Security & Audit

  • Implement strict permission controls and user authentication.
  • Maintain comprehensive operation logs and audit trails.
  • Support data backups and disaster recovery.

System Benefits

  • High Customizability: Built on the Steedos low-code platform, it can be quickly customized to fit specific organizational needs.
  • Efficiency Boost: Automated processes significantly reduce manual operations, enhancing tendering efficiency.
  • Enhanced Transparency: All tendering information and processes are conducted online, ensuring openness and transparency.
  • Risk Mitigation: Security measures and audit functions help prevent fraudulent activities and reduce tendering risks.
  • Centralized Management: Centralize all tendering activities for better oversight and control.

The Steedos Tender Management System is the ideal tool for businesses and government agencies to conduct their tendering activities. It not only improves the efficiency and transparency of the tendering process but also helps users mitigate risks and elevate their management standards.