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Steedos: Redefining Enterprise Application Development

Steedos, an open-source low-code development platform, redefines the way enterprise applications are built. It enables users without a programming background to quickly launch and deploy applications, greatly simplifying the traditional development process. For experienced developers, Steedos offers a powerful set of tools and frameworks to support in-depth customization and complex system integrations. This unique combination makes Steedos a truly adaptable platform for various business needs, whether it's rapid development of simple applications or advanced enterprise system integrations, all can be efficiently and flexibly realized on this platform.

Steedos can support a variety of enterprise application scenarios, including but not limited to CRM (Customer Relationship Management), HCM (Human Capital Management), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), BPM (Business Process Management), BI (Business Intelligence), and IoT (Internet of Things).

Rapid Development with No-Code

With an intuitive drag-and-drop interface, pre-built templates, and various automation tools, users can accelerate the application development process, increase work efficiency, and thus more quickly drive business innovation and transformation. Additionally, Steedos's visual interface significantly lowers the barrier to application development, enabling both IT professionals and business personnel to participate in building applications.

Steedos Overview

  • Data Modeling: Users can directly define and manage data models through a visual interface, without writing complex database scripts.

  • Custom Micro Pages: With a drag-and-drop editor, users can quickly design and customize the application's user interface, including forms, lists, and dashboards.

  • Process Automation: Steedos allows users to create and automate business processes through a visual process designer, improving work efficiency and reducing human errors.

  • Custom Data Analysis: Users can build custom reports and dashboards for data analysis and visualization, helping decision-makers gain insights into business trends.

These features together constitute Steedos's powerful visual development platform, enabling any user, regardless of technical background, to easily create and deploy complex enterprise applications.

Low-Code Deep Customization

Steedos allows enterprises to customize applications with code. Through its highly programmable environment, businesses can address complex business needs, achieve comprehensive digital transformation and automation, and truly drive business growth and innovation.

Steedos Overview

  • Metadata Synchronization as Code: Visual configuration metadata can be synchronized as code, which can be tracked for changes and history through version control systems like Git, and metadata in the code can also be synchronized back to the visual interface for modifications.

  • Custom Frontend Pages: With the AMIS framework, you can easily customize frontend pages without delving into complex frontend code, creating beautiful and feature-rich user interfaces.

  • Custom Backend Business Logic: For backend business logic, Steedos supports deep customization using Node.js. You can write triggers and APIs to implement highly complex business processes and data operations.