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Steedos Contract Management Solution

Steedos Contract Management is a lowcode-based enterprise solution designed to streamline contract processes, reduce risk, and ensure compliance. Below are the key features and functionalities of this product:

Core Features

  • Contract Lifecycle Management: Steedos Contract Management supports the complete contract lifecycle, from creation and approval to signing and archiving. This feature helps businesses simplify contract processes, increase efficiency, and maintain contract consistency.

  • Intelligent Contract Generation: The product provides pre-defined contract templates to assist in quickly generating standardized contracts. Templates can be customized to meet different business needs, ensuring contract accuracy and coherence.

  • Approval Workflows: Steedos Contract Management offers robust approval workflow functionality, allowing multi-level approvals and customizable rules. Administrators can set up approval workflows to ensure contracts are properly reviewed and approved.

  • Electronic Signatures: This product integrates electronic signature functionality, enabling users to sign contracts quickly. Electronic signatures have legal validity, facilitating faster contract signing and reducing paperwork.

  • Contract Tracking and Reminders: Steedos Contract Management provides contract tracking and important date reminders, ensuring contracts are managed on time. This feature helps prevent contracts from expiring or being overlooked.

  • Contract Archiving and Search: The product supports secure contract archiving and retrieval. All contracts are centrally stored, with a robust search function allowing users to quickly find the contracts they need.

  • Compliance and Risk Management: Steedos Contract Management emphasizes contract compliance, ensuring contracts meet applicable regulations and policies. The product also provides risk assessment tools to help businesses identify and manage contract-related risks.

  • Reporting and Analysis: The product offers reporting and analysis tools to help businesses monitor contract execution, analyze contract trends, and make data-driven decisions.

  • User Permissions and Security: Steedos Contract Management provides flexible user permissions to ensure that only authorized personnel can access and edit contracts. The product prioritizes data security, ensuring contract information remains confidential.

Steedos Contract Management, with its lowcode-based approach, helps businesses automate contract processes, improve contract handling efficiency, and ensure contract compliance and safety.