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Steedos Solutions Overview

Steedos Solutions is lowcode-based enterprise solutions designed to help businesses achieve digital transformation, optimize business processes, and increase productivity. Below is an overview of the core modules and features:

Business Process Management Steedos provides a flexible business process management module, allowing companies to define and optimize workflows. Users can create custom processes, automate approvals, and assign tasks, improving operational efficiency.

Customer Relationship Management This module encompasses Customer Relationship Management (CRM), helping businesses manage customer information, sales opportunities, and customer communications. Users can track customer needs, manage sales pipelines, and deliver better customer service.

Human Resources Management Steedos's Human Resources Management module supports employee record management, attendance and payroll, recruitment, and performance evaluations. Companies can streamline HR operations, enhance employee experience, and ensure compliance.

Contract and Procurement Management Steedos offers comprehensive contract and procurement management features, supporting contract creation, approvals, electronic signatures, and archiving. Companies can simplify procurement processes, ensure contract compliance, and reduce risks.

Document and Knowledge Management This solution provides robust document and knowledge management tools, supporting centralized document storage, version control, and permission management. Businesses can easily share knowledge, foster team collaboration, and enhance information traceability.

Project and Task Management Steedos's Project and Task Management module allows businesses to create and manage projects, assign tasks, and track progress. Users can view project timelines, allocate resources, and ensure projects are completed on time.

Finance and Reporting This module supports company financial management, including expense reimbursement, budget control, and financial reporting. Companies can generate financial reports, track expenses, and ensure financial transparency.

Data Analysis and Dashboards Steedos offers data analysis and dashboard features, allowing users to generate visual reports and conduct business analysis. Companies can monitor key metrics and make data-driven decisions.

Mobile Work and Collaboration Steedos supports mobile work, offering cross-platform applications for employees to work from anywhere. This module also includes collaboration tools for team communication, online meetings, and task assignment.

Security and Compliance Steedos places a high priority on data security, providing flexible user permissions and multi-layer security measures. The solution complies with relevant regulations and standards, ensuring data safety and privacy.

With these modules and features, Steedos Solutions helps businesses automate business processes, improve productivity, and ensure compliance.