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Restriction Rules

Restriction rules let you enhance your security by allowing certain users to access only specified records. They prevent users from accessing records that can contain sensitive data or information that isn’t essential to their work. Restriction rules filter the records that a user has access to so that they can access only the records that match the criteria you specify.

When Do I Use Restriction Rules?

Use restriction rules when you want certain users to see only a specific set of records. Restriction rules can simplify controlling access to records with sensitive or confidential information. Access to contracts, tasks, and events can be difficult to make truly private using organization-wide defaults, making restriction rules the best way to configure this visibility.

For example, you have competing sales teams that can’t see each other’s activities, even though these activities are on the same account. With restriction rules, you can make sure that sales teams see only activities that belong to them and are relevant to their work. Or, if you provide confidential services to various individuals, use restriction rules so that only team members responsible for supporting these individuals can see related tasks.