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This is a panel component that displays the current object's display name and the current record's display name, and is generally used to display title information at the top of the record details page.

The core value of this component is that it displays operation buttons on the right side of the panel for the current logged-in user to operate on the current object record, such as edit, delete, print and other operation buttons.

Basic Usage

The most basic usage is to configure the "Object" and "Record ID" properties of the component, which can then display a title panel for a specific object record.

As shown below, we configure the "Object" property of the object form to be the current object, and the "Record ID" property to be the current record:

type: 'page',
title: 'RecordDetailHeader',
body: {
"type": "steedos-record-detail-header",
"objectApiName": "${objectName}",
"recordId": "${recordId}",
"className": "bg-gray-100 border-b sm:shadow sm:rounded sm:border border-slate-300 p-4 mb-4"