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Steedos Micro Page Builder: Reshaping Web Development Experience

We are proud to introduce the Steedos Micro Page Builder, a powerful toolkit for micro page development based on Baidu AMIS technology. Steedos supports the creation of custom pages and components, equipped with intuitive visual design tools.

  • High Customization: Users can create pages according to business needs without compromise, directly transforming business strategies into applications.
  • Component Support: Users can develop custom components to extend the functionality of applications, meeting unique requirements.
  • User-friendly Design Tools: Equipped with intuitive visual design tools, including drag-and-drop features, suitable for users of all skill levels.
  • Strong Foundation: Based on the powerful framework of Baidu AMIS, it offers a rich UI component library and efficient data management.
  • Seamless Integration: Compatible with various databases and services, ensuring new applications can seamlessly integrate into the existing technology ecosystem.
  • Collaborative Development: Supports team collaboration, accelerating the development process and improving project quality.
  • Comprehensive Support: Provides detailed documentation and an active community to help users fully utilize the platform's resources.

The Steedos Micro Page Builder offers enterprises a powerful tool for web application development, combining user-friendly design and advanced customization, opening the door to endless possibilities, all backed by the technical strength of Baidu AMIS.

Supported Custom Micro Page Types

The Steedos Micro Page Builder supports various types of pages to meet different business needs and scenarios. Here are the available micro page types:

Application Pages

Application pages are a new type of page that allows developers to design from scratch.


To display the page in the system, the following steps are required:

  1. Create a tab on the tab page
  2. Configure the tab on the application page

Record Pages

Record detail pages focus on presenting exhaustive information about a single record. You can customize these pages to display detailed data fields, related table information, statistics, and provide editing, deletion, or other specific record operations.

Record Page

List Pages

List pages are important for data presentation, suitable for displaying collections of records, such as customer lists or order lists. You can customize columns, filters, and search functions to enhance the user's data browsing and manipulation experience.

List Page

Form Pages

Form pages are used to collect user input, ideal for creating new records or updating existing data. You can customize form fields, layouts, and validation rules to meet specific data collection needs.

Unlike record pages, the "Form" type of micro page only replaces the pop-up form interface and does not affect the read-only interface effect of the record detail page. Conversely, the "Record Page" type of micro page replaces the entire read-only effect of the record detail page but does not affect the pop-up form interface.