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SMS Notification

Applying for SMS Service

  1. Register an account: Sign up for Tencent Cloud at

  2. Access the SMS service: Visit Tencent Cloud-Enterprise Application and Cloud Communication-Cloud Communication-SMS at

  3. Create a signature: Go to "Signature Management" under "Domestic SMS" and create a signature. Follow the instructions and provide the required information. For example, create the signature "Steedos". Once the signature is approved, you can see it in the signature management list.

  4. Create a content template: Go to "Content Template Management" under "Domestic SMS" and create a content template. For Steedos service, the following content templates need to be created:

Template NameTemplate Name
Verification Code-LoginYour verification code is: {1}. This code is valid for {2} minutes. Please do not share it with anyone else!
System Notification-Password ModificationSystem Notification: Your login password has been modified.
Address Book Mobile Phone ModificationYour mobile phone number in the address book has been changed to {1}.
  1. Create an application: In "Application Management-Application List", click on "Create Application" and create an application, for example, "Steedos".

SMS Sending Configuration

Edit .env or .env.local and add the following three environment variables:

  • STEEDOS_SMS_QCLOUD_SDKAPPID: Tencent Cloud SMS-Application Management-Application Steedos-SDK AppID
  • STEEDOS_SMS_QCLOUD_APPKEY: Tencent Cloud SMS-Application Management-Application List-Steedos-App Key
  • STEEDOS_SMS_QCLOUD_SIGNNAME: Tencent Cloud SMS-Signature Management-Steedos (Signature Content)

For service version 2.1 and older versions, you need to modify the configuration file steedos-config.yml and add the following configuration:

smsqueue_interval: 1000

For service versions 2.2 and newer, adjustments need to be made to the configuration file, steedos.config.js. Please modify the file to reflect this:

path: process.cwd(),
silent: true
module.exports = {
started(broker) {
settings: {
sms: {
qcloud: {
smsqueue_interval: 1000
sdkappid: process.env.STEEDOS_SMS_QCLOUD_SDKAPPID
appkey: process.env.STEEDOS_SMS_QCLOUD_APPKEY
signname: process.env.STEEDOS_SMS_QCLOUD_SIGNNAME