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Approval Workflow

Steedos Approval Workflow is a key component of the Steedos platform, designed to manage business approval processes and streamline workflow automation. It offers a comprehensive set of features to facilitate approvals, from simple form-based workflows to complex, condition-based approval chains. Here's an overview of its main characteristics and capabilities:

  • Visual Workflow Designer: Steedos Approval Workflow includes a visual design interface, allowing users to create and customize approval workflows with drag-and-drop functionality. This makes it easy to build complex approval processes without deep technical knowledge.

  • Custom Approval Forms: Users can design custom approval forms to capture the necessary information for each request. These forms can include various field types such as text, numbers, dates, dropdowns, and even file attachments for supporting documents.

  • Role-Based Approvals: The platform supports role-based approval processes. Users can define who needs to approve a request based on specific roles, departments, or organizational hierarchies, ensuring that the correct people are involved in the approval chain.

  • Automated Workflow Execution: Once a workflow is designed, Steedos Approval Workflow can automatically manage the execution. This includes routing approval requests, sending notifications, and applying predefined conditions to determine the workflow's path.

  • Conditional Logic and Triggers: The platform allows users to implement conditional logic in workflows. This means approvals can follow different paths based on specific criteria, such as the value of a field or the status of an earlier approval stage.

  • Batch Approvals: Steedos Approval Workflow supports batch approvals, enabling users to approve multiple requests simultaneously. This feature is particularly useful in high-volume approval environments.

  • Mobile Approval Support: The platform offers mobile-friendly approval processes, allowing users to approve requests on their mobile devices. This flexibility ensures that workflows are not delayed due to physical location or device constraints.

  • Workflow Import/Export: Users can import and export workflows, facilitating sharing and collaboration across teams or departments. This feature is valuable for companies with standardized approval processes.

  • Audit and Reporting: Steedos Approval Workflow provides audit trails and reporting features, allowing users to track approval history and generate reports on workflow efficiency. This helps organizations identify bottlenecks and improve approval processes.

  • Notifications and Escalation: The platform can send automated notifications to users when their approval is required. It also includes escalation features to ensure that overdue requests are escalated to the appropriate authority to prevent workflow stagnation.

  • Integration Capabilities: Steedos Approval Workflow can be integrated with other Steedos components and external systems, allowing for seamless data exchange and consistent workflow execution across different platforms.

Steedos Approval Workflow is a versatile tool that helps organizations manage and automate approval processes efficiently. With its visual workflow designer, customizable forms, and robust automation features, it provides a flexible solution for handling various approval scenarios, from simple requests to complex business workflows.