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Page Builder

Steedos Page Builder is a key component of the Steedos platform, providing a flexible and user-friendly environment for creating, customizing, and managing pages within Steedos applications. It is designed to allow users to create custom pages, layout components, and design user interfaces to fit their business needs. Here's an overview of Steedos Page Builder and its key features:

  • Visual Page Design: Steedos Page Builder offers a visual design interface, allowing users to create and customize pages without coding. The drag-and-drop functionality makes it easy to arrange elements, add components, and adjust layouts.

  • Customizable Layouts: Users can customize page layouts, including sections, grids, and tabs, to create organized and visually appealing pages. This flexibility allows for unique page designs tailored to specific business scenarios.

  • Custom Components: Steedos Page Builder allows users to add a variety of custom components to their pages, including buttons, text fields, dropdowns, tables, charts, and more. This wide range of components provides the tools needed to create interactive and functional pages.

  • Data Integration: The platform supports integration with Steedos data objects, allowing users to display and interact with data on custom pages. This capability enables data-driven page designs that can be used for business operations, dashboards, or reports.

  • Conditional Logic: Page Builder allows users to implement conditional logic within pages, enabling dynamic content based on user input or data conditions. This feature is useful for creating adaptive and responsive pages.

  • Custom Buttons and Actions: Users can create custom buttons and define actions that trigger specific events or workflows. This feature enhances interactivity and can be used to initiate automated processes or navigate to other pages.

  • Responsive Design: Steedos Page Builder ensures that pages are responsive and mobile-friendly, allowing users to view and interact with them on various devices. This flexibility is important for modern business environments where mobile access is common.

  • Template-Based Design: The platform provides predefined page templates for common scenarios, helping users save time when creating new pages. These templates can be customized to fit specific requirements.

  • Integration with Other Steedos Components: Steedos Page Builder integrates with other Steedos components, such as Form Builder and Automation, allowing for comprehensive page-based workflows and interactions.

  • Security and Permissions: The platform includes security features to ensure that page access and interactions are secure. This includes role-based access control and other permission settings to protect sensitive information.

Overall, Steedos Page Builder is a versatile tool for creating custom pages within the Steedos platform. Its visual design capabilities, customizable layouts, and data integration features make it suitable for a wide range of applications, from simple information pages to complex dashboards and interactive business processes. With its responsive design, conditional logic, and security features, it provides a comprehensive solution for building engaging and functional pages within the Steedos ecosystem.