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Data Permissions

Steedos Permission Engine is a comprehensive permission management system designed to provide robust data access control and security features for businesses. Its goal is to ensure that users operate applications and data within established permission rules and security policies. The Steedos Permission Engine offers role-based access control, data-sharing rules, and object, field, and record-level permissions. Here are the key features of the Steedos Permission Engine:

  • Role-Based Access Control The Steedos Permission Engine uses role-based access control (RBAC), allowing organizations to assign permissions based on user roles and responsibilities. By defining roles, organizations can ensure that different user groups can only access and manipulate applications and data they are authorized to, enhancing system security.

  • Object-Level Permissions The Steedos Permission Engine allows organizations to define permission rules at the object level. This means you can control which roles can view, create, edit, or delete records for specific objects. Object-level permissions help organizations ensure data security and compliance by preventing unauthorized operations.

  • Field-Level Permissions The Steedos Permission Engine supports field-level permissions, allowing organizations to control which fields users can view or edit within a specific object. This feature is valuable for protecting sensitive information and ensuring data integrity. Field-level permissions prevent users from accessing or modifying sensitive data.

  • Record-Level Permissions Record-level permissions restrict user access to specific records within an object based on predefined conditions. The Steedos Permission Engine allows organizations to define record-level permissions according to business needs. Record-level permissions ensure users can only access records relevant to them, providing more refined control.

  • Data-Sharing Rules To facilitate collaboration and data sharing, the Steedos Permission Engine provides data-sharing rules. Organizations can define rules to allow specific roles or user groups to share data within defined limits. This flexible sharing mechanism promotes collaboration while maintaining data security.

  • Data Restriction Rules The Steedos Permission Engine allows organizations to set data restriction rules to ensure that users cannot access restricted or sensitive data. This helps prevent unauthorized access and ensures data confidentiality.

  • Security Audit and Logging To ensure system security and compliance, the Steedos Permission Engine provides security auditing and logging features. Organizations can track user operations and record security events. This is crucial for investigating security issues and ensuring compliance.

  • Integration and Extensibility The Steedos Permission Engine can integrate with other systems and applications, offering flexible permission management. Through standard APIs and custom triggers, organizations can extend the capabilities of the permission engine according to their business needs.


These features make the Steedos Permission Engine a flexible and powerful permission management system that provides comprehensive security and access control for organizations. With multi-level permission management and robust security features, the Steedos Permission Engine ensures data security and business process compliance.