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Steedos Plugins

Steedos is a potent low-code development platform that empowers users and developers to extend and enhance the platform's capabilities through its flexible plugin architecture. With Steedos plugins, you can integrate new functionalities seamlessly, meet specific business needs, while maintaining the stability and reliability of the core system.

What are Steedos Plugins?

Steedos packages are independent software packages containing a set of predefined functionalities or services that can be directly integrated into the Steedos platform. These plugins can range from custom objects, user interfaces, business logic processing, or integrations with external systems, allowing for rapid expansion and customization of platform functionalities.

Developing Your Own Steedos Plugins

For developers looking to create custom features, Steedos provides the necessary development kit and documentation. You can follow the guidelines in the documentation to create, test, and publish your packages, bringing value to your business or the Steedos community.