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What is Low-code App?

In traditional enterprise application development, every feature and module required coding from scratch. This not only consumed a significant amount of time but also incurred high development costs. Moreover, when business requirements changed, modifying and optimizing the application became complex and challenging.

The advent of Low-code App has completely transformed this scenario. Developed based on the Steedos low-code platform and metadata, it means businesses can easily customize and extend the application to meet their unique business needs. Compared to traditional application development, Low-code App offers greater flexibility and scalability.

Low-code driven, easily customizable.

The core advantage of Low-code App lies in its exceptional customizability, enabling every enterprise to build a solution that perfectly matches their unique requirements without the need for complex coding.

  • Personalized Object Model: You can create or modify any data object based on business requirements, ensuring the data structure aligns perfectly with your business model.
  • Granular Permission Management: Allows you to assign specific permissions to different users or user groups, ensuring data security and compliance while meeting the different roles and responsibilities within the organization.
  • Customizable Interface Design: With visual interface design tools, you can flexibly adjust every system interface, ensuring the best user experience.
  • Customizable Automated Processes: From simple task automation to complex business processes, you can easily design and implement, ensuring efficient workflow.
  • In-depth Report Analysis: Offering various report templates, it helps you deeply analyze business data, ensuring you're always updated with the latest business insights.