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Project Cost Management System

The Project Cost Management System is an application developed on the Steedos low-code platform, designed to help businesses effectively track and manage project costs. This system offers a comprehensive set of tools for monitoring project budgets, actual expenditures, labor costs, travel expenses, etc., ensuring that project costs are kept within budget, thereby enhancing project profitability and management efficiency.


By using the Project Cost Management System, businesses can more effectively control project costs, improve project profitability and management efficiency, and thus gain an advantage in the fierce market competition.

Core Features

  1. Project Budget Management: Set project budgets, including labor costs, material expenses, travel expenses, etc., to ensure project costs are controlled within budget limits.
  2. Expense Tracking: Record and track all expenses related to the project, including direct and indirect costs, and update the project cost status in real-time.
  3. Labor Cost Management: Track the working hours of project team members, calculate labor costs, and analyze the efficiency of human resource utilization.
  4. Travel Expense Management: Manage the travel expenses of the project team, including transportation, accommodation, meals, etc., ensuring that travel expenses are reasonable and transparent.
  5. Contract Management: Manage all contracts related to the project, including supplier contracts, procurement contracts, etc., to ensure the execution of contract terms.
  6. Reporting and Analysis: Provide rich reporting and analysis tools to help management understand the project cost status and make more informed decisions.
  7. Alert Mechanism: When project costs exceed the budget or approach the budget limit, the system automatically issues alerts to help project managers take timely measures.
  8. Integration and Extensibility: The system can be integrated with other enterprise applications (such as financial systems, human resource systems, etc.) to provide a more comprehensive project cost management.

Application Scenarios

  • IT companies managing the cost expenditures of software projects.
  • Construction companies managing the costs of engineering projects.
  • Manufacturing enterprises managing the costs of product development projects.
  • Consulting firms managing the costs of client projects.