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Attendance Management

Steedos Attendance Management System is an efficient and modern attendance management software, designed specifically to meet the attendance management needs of various enterprises. Developed on the Steedos low-code platform, the system not only inherits the platform's flexibility and high customizability but also supports private deployment, ensuring absolute security and privacy of enterprise data.


Core Features

  1. Attendance Rule Configuration: Customizable attendance rules to cater to various working hours, shifts, and holiday arrangements.
  2. Clock-in Management: Supports various clock-in methods, including mobile device clock-in and location-based clock-in, catering to both fixed and mobile workspaces.
  3. Leave, Outing, and Business Trip Management: Comprehensive management of leave, outings, and business trips, including application, approval, and recording.
  4. Data Statistics and Analysis: Automatic aggregation and analysis of attendance data, providing clear attendance reports for the management.
  5. Automatic Report Generation: Capability to generate daily, monthly, and annual attendance reports as needed.

Key Highlights

  • Based on Low-code Platform: Leveraging the Steedos low-code platform, the system is highly customizable, quickly adjustable, and can be extended to meet specific needs.
  • Support for Private Deployment: Recognizing the importance of enterprise data, offers private deployment options ensuring data is stored exclusively on the enterprise's servers.
  • Integration Capabilities: Seamless integration with other enterprise systems, such as HR systems, payroll systems, etc., ensuring uninterrupted data flow.
  • User-friendly Interface: A clean and intuitive user interface ensures ease of use for both employees and management.

Attendance Configuration

Setting Attendance Rules

Attendance rules are fundamental to ensuring employees clock in and out on time. With the Steedos Attendance Management System, you can:

  • Set standard working hours.
  • Define tolerance periods for lateness and early departures.
  • Set calculation methods and strategies for overtime.

Configuring Attendance Intervals

For companies with shift systems, setting attendance intervals is crucial. Within the Steedos Attendance Management System, you can:

  • Create multiple shifts, such as morning, afternoon, and night shifts.
  • Define specific start and end times for each shift.
  • Set rest periods and durations for each shift.

Holidays and Special Dates

Setting public holidays and special dates ensures employees adhere to different attendance rules on these dates. Features include:

  • Marking public holidays and company-specific significant dates.
  • Defining specific attendance rules for these special dates, such as whether clock-ins are needed or if working hours are counted.
  • Quickly viewing upcoming special dates to ensure management and employees are prepared in advance.

Clock-in Management

Configuring Clock-in Methods and Locations

To ensure clock-in accuracy, companies can set valid ranges or locations for clock-ins, such as office buildings, factories, etc.

Mobile Device Clock-in

For employees who often travel or work remotely, Steedos offers a mobile device clock-in feature:

  • GPS Location Clock-in: The system records the exact location of the employee during clock-in, ensuring they are at the specified work location.
  • Photo Clock-in: Employees can clock-in by taking a photo of their working environment as proof.
  • Network IP Clock-in: Allows employees to clock-in within a specified network IP range.

This feature requires the installation of related Steedos apps on the employee's mobile device, ensuring the app can access location, camera permissions, etc.

Handling Clock-in Anomalies

Clock-in anomalies refer to situations where employees do not clock in according to stipulated times or locations, including but not limited to tardiness, leaving early, and missed clock-ins. In Steedos:

  • The system automatically flags and logs clock-in anomalies.
  • Administrators or superiors can view an employee's clock-in anomaly records.
  • Employees can provide valid explanations or evidence for their anomalies.
  • Depending on company policies, clock-in anomalies might impact an employee's attendance statistics and performance evaluations.

Leave, Outing, and Business Trip Management

Setting Leave Procedures

To standardize and streamline the leave-taking process, the Steedos Attendance Management System offers comprehensive leave procedure settings:

  • Setting Leave Types: Define different types of leaves, such as personal leave, sick leave, annual leave, etc., based on company policies.
  • Leave Duration Calculation: The system can automatically calculate the leave duration or allow employees to input manually.
  • Reminders & Notifications: Upon an employee's leave application submission, the system can automatically notify the approvers or relevant departments.

Applying for Outings and Business Trips

Outings and business trips are also integral parts of attendance management. Steedos offers a streamlined application process:

  • Reason for Outing/Business Trip: Employees need to provide specific reasons and estimated times for outings or business trips.
  • Associated Documents: Employees can upload related documents or images, such as a business trip plan or meeting notice.
  • Location and Route: For business trips, employees also need to provide the destination and the planned route.

Approval and Status Tracking

To ensure compliance, the Steedos system offers a clear approval workflow for leave, outing, and business trip applications:

  • Defined Approvers: Determine who in the organization has the authority to approve such requests.
  • Approval Procedures: Specify the approval flow, i.e., how the application moves from one approver to the next.
  • Notifications & Reminders: Once an application is approved or rejected, the system will send notifications to the relevant parties.


In the modern working environment, attendance management is crucial to ensuring productivity and employee satisfaction. Steedos Attendance Management System offers a comprehensive suite of features tailored to meet the needs of diverse enterprises, ensuring that both employees and management can maintain a harmonious working relationship.