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Steedos Expense: Smart, Efficient, One-stop Reimbursement Experience

In daily corporate operations, reimbursement management is often a tedious part of financial tasks. Steedos Expense Solution, based on Steedos' low-code platform, builds a comprehensive, intelligent reimbursement process management system for you, focusing on providing an efficient, standardized reimbursement experience for enterprises.


Steedos Expense Solution is a low-code application developed on the Steedos platform, aiming to provide businesses with an efficient, convenient reimbursement management tool. Through this solution, users can easily complete the entire process from reimbursement application, approval to financial payment.

Target Users

This solution mainly targets financial departments, administrative departments of medium to large enterprises, and employees who need reimbursement. Whether it's the headquarters or branches, they can achieve centralized management and auditing through this system.

Core Features

  1. Invoice Scanning & Recognition: Employees only need to scan the invoice, and the system automatically reads and fills in related information, simplifying the data input process.
  2. Authenticity Verification: Automatically verifies the authenticity of scanned invoices, ensuring the compliance and authenticity of each reimbursement.
  3. One-click Reimbursement Submission: Streamlines the reimbursement application process. Employees can easily submit reimbursements with one click, with automated approval routing.
  4. Real-time Approval & Notification: Reimbursement approval is progressed in real-time, with instant notifications to the relevant personnel, avoiding reimbursement delays.
  5. Financial Settlement & Analysis: Automates financial settlement, provides multi-dimensional reimbursement data analysis, aiding financial decisions.

Key Highlights

  1. Flexibility: Based on the Steedos low-code platform, companies can deeply customize according to their business needs.
  2. Automation: Supports invoice scanning recognition and authenticity verification, significantly reducing manual input workload.
  3. Transparency: Every step of the reimbursement process has clear records and tracking, ensuring compliant funds transfer.
  4. Integration: Can easily integrate with other financial, ERP systems for seamless data integration.
  5. Data Security & Confidentiality: Strict data protection measures to ensure the security and privacy of each reimbursement data.
  6. Mobile-friendly: Whether on PC or mobile devices, smooth user experience meets the needs of modern mobile enterprises.

Create a Reimbursement


Ensure you have collected and organized all the invoices and related proofs for reimbursement.

Fill in Reimbursement Information

  1. On the "Create Reimbursement" page, fill in the basic reimbursement information, such as reimbursement amount, category, etc.
  2. If it involves travel expenses or hospitality expenses, make sure to fill in detailed travel or hospitality reasons and personnel list.

Invoice Upload & Scan

  1. Choose "Upload Invoice" and take a clear photo of the front side of the invoice.
  2. The system will automatically scan and recognize the invoice, and you only need to confirm if the recognized results are correct.
  3. For manually input invoices, ensure that the entered information matches the details on the invoice.

Submit Reimbursement Application

  1. Check that all the information is complete and ensure that the invoice matches the reimbursement details.
  2. Click the "Submit" button, and your reimbursement application will enter the approval process. You can check the status of your reimbursement in "My Reimbursements" at any time.

Invoice Management

Invoice Scanning & Auto Recognition

Steedos expense management solution supports automatic scanning and recognition of invoices, making the data entry faster and more accurate. Here's how:

  1. In the "Invoice Management" module, choose "Scan Invoice".
  2. Place the front side of the invoice on a clear background for capture or scanning.
  3. Upload the invoice image, and the system will automatically scan and recognize the content of the invoice.
  4. Once recognized, the system will display the recognized invoice information, such as invoice number, amount for user confirmation.

Manual Invoice Entry

Although the auto-recognition feature greatly improves efficiency, you might need to manually input invoice information in certain situations. Here are the steps:

  1. In the "Invoice Management" module, choose "Add Invoice".
  2. Based on the actual content of the invoice, fill in the invoice number, date, amount, buyer, seller, and other relevant information.
  3. If you have a digital version of the invoice image or scanned copy, you can choose to upload it as an attachment.
  4. After ensuring that the entered information is correct, click "Save".

Invoice Authenticity Verification

To ensure compliance in financial management, the Steedos expense management solution also provides an invoice authenticity verification feature. By matching data with the National Taxation Bureau, you can quickly determine the authenticity of the invoice.

  1. In the "Invoice Management" module, select the invoice entry you want to verify.
  2. Click the "Verify Authenticity" button.
  3. The system will automatically compare the data with the National Tax Bureau, and quickly return the verification result.
  4. If the invoice is genuine, you can proceed with the subsequent reimbursement process. If the invoice is fake, the system will flag the invoice and notify the user.

Reimbursement Approval Process

Reimbursement Routing & Notification

Once you submit a reimbursement application, it will be routed based on a pre-set process. Each step in the process might involve one or multiple approvers.

  • After application submission, the system will automatically notify the first approver.
  • The approver can view pending reimbursement applications through email, SMS, or in-system notifications.

Approval Actions & Responses

As an approver, you can take the following actions on a reimbursement application:

  1. Agree: If you find the reimbursement request reasonable, you can choose to agree.
  2. Reject: If you find issues with the reimbursement request, you can choose to reject. When rejecting, you need to provide a reason.
  3. Reply: If you have doubts about the reimbursement content or need further information, you can choose to reply and ask questions.

Reimbursement Modification & Resubmission

If the reimbursement application is rejected, the applicant can modify the reimbursement content based on feedback from the approver:

  1. Access the details page of the rejected reimbursement application.
  2. Modify the relevant content.
  3. Resubmit the reimbursement application.

Reimbursement Status & Inquiry

Check Reimbursement Status

On the "Reimbursement Management" page, you can see the current status of each reimbursement, such as "Pending Approval", "Approved", "Rejected".

Reimbursement Details & History

Click on any reimbursement record to view detailed content of that reimbursement, including:

  • Reimbursement amount
  • Reason for reimbursement
  • Submission date
  • Approval history

Export Reimbursement Records

To export reimbursement records as an electronic document, follow these steps:

  1. On the "Reimbursement Management" page, select the reimbursement records you want to export.
  2. Click the "Export" button.
  3. Choose the export format, such as Excel or PDF.
  4. Confirm the export.


The Steedos Expense Solution, built on the Steedos low-code platform, offers an efficient, streamlined, and standardized process for enterprises. With advanced features like invoice scanning recognition, authenticity verification, and mobile compatibility, this solution not only simplifies the reimbursement process but also brings greater convenience to both financial personnel and employees. Embrace the future of smart financial management with Steedos!